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Graham, Howell, McIvor/McIver, Schnurr, Steen, Williams…& related families

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Jonathan James Graham (1865-1927)

Jonathan James Graham W

My great-grandfather, Jonathan James Graham, was born in Charlestown, Cecil County, Maryland, October 22, 1865, the same year the Civil War ended. He was the 5th of 8 children of Francis Dailor Lafayette Graham and Elizabeth A. Rutter. The Grahams of Charlestown were cabinet makers, boat builders, carpenters, undertakers, and duck decoy makers. The 1880 US census lists Jonathan’s father Lafayette as a boat builder and the 1882 Charlestown directory lists him as a carpenter. Continue reading

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Christopher McIver, Part 1

ChristopherMcIver blog

The founder of the McIver/McIvor families in Amherst County, Virginia, was undoubtedly Christopher McIver who may have been the one to generally shift the spelling of the name to McIvor though there have been earlier examples. At some point, whether affectionately or not, he became known as “Old Kit” and there were several family myths about him. One prominent one was that he was “born on the boat coming over”, another was “he owned half of Monroe” and yet another was that he died a very wealthy man. There may be a kernel of truth in each myth but basically they are incorrect. His year of birth is also unclear. By oral history he was born in 1805 while census records indicate he was born in 1807 or 1808, but he was absolutely born in what was then Campbell County, now Appomattox County, to Daniel and Elizabeth Bass McIver. Continue reading

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The Grahams of Charlestown

This is an article written by C. John Sullivan Jr. It was published in the July/August 1997 issue of Decoy Magazine (pages 8-13) and in Mr. Sullivan’s book Waterfowling on the Chesapeake 1819-1936 (pages 157-162) published in 2003 by the John Hopkins University Press. The Decoy Magazine article and the chapter in the book are essentially the same. The following is a transcription from the book with two added paragraphs from the magazine article that were not included in the book. My thanks to both Decoy Magazine and Mr Sullivan for permission to include their work on this website.

Mr. Sullivan’s Website:

Decoy Magazine’s Website:

Why I have I included this article in our family history website? The first Graham mentioned is William, my 4th great-grandfather. His son Zachariah would of course be my 3rd great-grandfather and Zachariah’s son John Black Graham is my 3rd great uncle. John’s brother Lafayette is my grandfather’s grandfather.  Continue reading

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This is the beginning of a website that will provide much information and history about the McIvor/McIver and Steen Families from Amherst County, Virginia, the Graham and Howell Families from Cecil County, Maryland, the Schnurr and Williams families from Wisconsin, and other related families. Please check back from time to time as we work to publish the information, photos, documents and stories that we have.

If you are related or think you may be related to one of the branches of this far spreading family tree, please contact us.